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Yes We’re Producing More Followers than Leaders

It’s really very alarming to notice that our so-called Modern society is producing more & more carbon copies and clones. Instead of leaders who live their own lives on their own terms.

Modern Media

We all precisely know how modern media, especially social media has invaded our lives. we all spend most of our free time on social media for communication, socializing, shopping, etc. We are becoming more and more dependent on it, and it’s affected all of us, especially the new generation-our teenagers. however who have become the same everywhere irrespective of their countries and continents.

Kids and youngsters are using the same language everywhere, like idioms, slang to express and communicate. Following the same fashion, and developing the same beliefs and aspirations.


Though globalization is bringing people closer to each other and has improved communication. At the same time, this increasing homogeneity/Similarity has caused people to lose individuality. Which has resulted in less creativity, and a lack of new ideas. It can only come from people who dare to be unique and themselves

Because trying to fit in this growing homogeneity, to be like everyone else around to be accepted is like relying on other people, giving them our power and making their opinion important to our sense of existence. which ultimately affects our individuality.

So instead of spending time and energy to be like everyone else, we must become free and real. Because this globalization has caused a serious decline in the number of people who are truly original.

If we want to become free individuals. If we want to tap into our true potential and revive our atrophied creativity to become a leader we must seize to compare ourselves with others. When we stop being free and different, it’s the day we stop being unique. 

So we must limit our time to expose ourselves to the media, especially youngsters who are more likely to be affected by this. Media is the main reason behind our brainwash.

We must take time every day to be ourselves and we must remember that we are unique individuals in this world, each is bestowed with unique talents and each one can become a Leader.

by Shoaib Ahmed

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