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Do you need a Smart Guide to Awesome Memory?

These Days we all are bombarded with infinite information on a regular basis. It’s really difficult to remember everything. We cannot escape the uninvited information. Often we deal with data that is neither useful nor beneficial. But we still have to remember it because you never know where you might find it useful.

However, anyone who thinks that he/she has a weak memory. Anyone who thinks has trouble remembering names, numbers, information or anything. this book ” Smart Guide for Awesome Memory ” is a must-read.


Shireen Stephen has written this book. She is a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a counseling Psychologist. The book is really useful and contains all the latest memory techniques. After every chapter readers are advised to practice given exercises at the end of the chapter. Which are helpful to consolidate the techniques learned in each chapter.

The author has included all the memory tips as well to provide comprehensive guidance to readers. However, youngsters can use these techniques for exams preparation. Professionals can use these techniques to remember client data, client names and other important information.

The fun part is that all techniques are so easy and common that everybody can understand and apply. It is like playing games which indirectly improve memory.

Book has all about memory and how it works. For example
  • Types of memory
  • How Memory works
  • Building Blocks of Memory
  • Memory Techniques
  • How to apply these techniques in Academics
  • Applying Memory techniques in Daily life
  • The amazing power of Our Mind
  • Tricks to Learning etc.

If readers carefully read and practice the suggested memory techniques and exercises. They can surely have an awesome memory. Which will help them in their day to day life, exams, professional life, etc.

Because Memory is a beautiful thing, it’s almost a desire that you miss. Gustave Flaubert

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A must-read



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