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The recent wave of FaceApp affected almost everyone.

All Social Media platforms are bombarded with FaceApp filtered pictures. Especially Old filter– which turns your current picture into your future self. Everyone seems to enjoy this new sensation. Be it celebrities, stars, sportsmen, everyone enjoying watching themselves in old, wrinkled faces, grey hair pictures. Is this a New FaceApp Scam?

Besides, there is another news on social media regarding FaceApp, which suggest that people should avoid using this new viral app. Because FaceApp asks for permission into your cell phone Gallary and other personal data. However which can be used for any unstated purpose by the Russian government. Because FaceApp is developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which uses neural network technology. Which automatically generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs.

Conspiracy theory

Like everything else, which does not come from or belong to the west is suggested as something suspicious and harmful for the masses. This is the conspiracy theory we often read and hear from the West about other countries that come up with something new.

We all precisely know that facebook has been using data to help the CIA. The same has been the case with Google. Google allegedly has been tracking people and their search results to help the US government.

Moreover, every social media platform, every application, especially related to photo editing asks for Gallary permission. Users have to permit them to upload pictures, videos, gifs, documents, etc.


So this conspiracy theory as always fall shorts of facts and figures but is the product of mere speculations. Might be a fit of professional jealousy, like in the case of a 5G war between the USA & ChinaInstead of growing suspicions and speculations, that it is a New FaceApp Scam. People should enjoy this sensation and ignore conspiracy theories.

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By- Shoaib Ahmed

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