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My Reading List contains, Books recommendations, Books Summaries and Reading Tips

My Reading List Page is all about my favorite books, which I have read and like to recommend others. These books are very carefully selected and are from a different genre that people can select as per their taste.

Here are the best book reading tips which will help you to read more.

  • Get into a regular habit

You can make reading a part of your day to day routine by scheduling a regular time each morning or evening.

  • Never be without a book

Make sure that you always carry a book wherever you go so that you can read everywhere.

  • Prepare your reading list in advance

 Always create a mental or physical list of books you want to read – whether it’s a classic or new releases.

  • Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks are a good way to familiarise yourself with storytelling because it allows you to multitask.

  • Join a book club

Make reading social. Joining a book club is also a great way to get reading, meet new people, hear book recommendations, and generally get into more contact with books.

  • Don’t be afraid/hesitate to give up on books you’re not enjoying

Don’t feel obliged that you have to finish a book just because you started it.

  • Make your environment more reading friendly

It can be hard to concentrate on your book with the TV blaring in the background. Make your reading environment free from distractions.

  • Give yourself a target

Deadlines can be the worst and backfire, but when you set a realistic target for yourself it will be rewarding when you reach it.

  • Choose topics that you know you’ll enjoy

If you’re a new and not a regular reader, starting with War and Peace could be off-putting. Choose topics that interest you already with simple language.

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