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Do you know why it is important to kill your TV?

Why You Should Kill your TV?

Every one of us Spends much of his/her time watching TV because unfortunately, Television has become a part of every home. People have become so addicted that they watch almost anything and everything TV is presenting to them as long as it is entertaining for them.

For Example; Reality Shows, Newscasts, Movies and so on

Have you ever realized how much of our life we are wasting in front of a screen that is harming us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

If not then you must.

Few people believe that TV is not all bad and it is true that TV is a tool that can be used for both good and bad purposes. But research studies show that for the most part, it is certainly harmful to our well being.

5.1 Hours Per Day

According to research studies an average American watched TV an average of 5.1 hours per day. That is actually one-third of the time we are normally awake and this 5.1 hours per day is approximately 1900 hours a year or 78 days a year. So imagine the time we waste every day.

People become Couch Potato

Research studies show that when you are watching TV, your higher brain region shuts down and activity shifts to the lower brain region. Because this TV is a one-way communication/ medium because we do not and can’t interact and engage with the TV. Research studies show that TV viewing mostly among children leads to lower attention and poor brain development and turns them into kind of zombies. That is why the term ” Couch Potato” was coined to describe those zombies.

TV Affects your Emotions

Most of the shows these days affect the audience emotionally, resonating in the level of fear, guilt, grief, desire, and pride. Because we try to relate with that content, and that is why they mostly have a negative influence on us. Yes, there are few shows which leave a positive impression and influence on us but for the young mind, it is very difficult to differentiate between right and wrong shows.

Expert Psychologists suggest that if you feel happy, upbeat, motivated, inspired, thinking positive thoughts, feel charged up to take action and make a positive difference than it is a positive show/ content. But if you feel disgusted, stressed, annoyed, angry, lazy/sleepy and have negative thoughts than getting rid of these kinds of shows.

TV Feeds your Mind with Lies

Another great reason to stop this habit of watching TV is that it is feeding your mind with lies. Mainstream TV channels are mostly controlled by elite businessmen, which brainwashes TV viewers with false information. Especially these news channels and talk shows want us to believe what the elite wants.

People become Mindless Consumer

Manipulate advertising and commercials are constantly urging people to buy products by making them believe that to be happy and successful all you need is to consume. But in reality, material objects do not contribute to our well being once basic needs are met. So despite buying new stuff you emotionally feel disappointed and unfulfilled.

People Develop Inferiority Complex

TV commercials and Ads create self-doubt in us and convince us that we are not good enough, so to become more attractive and beautiful we need to buy and start using different expensive products which make us feel bad about ourselves if we cannot afford them.

TV Harms your Health 

As per research studies watching TV for even just a couple of hours every day can significantly increase the chances of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. So it is suggested by experts to limit your time to watch TV.

In the nutshell, TV causes us countless psychological, physical and social problems. Once Groucho Max sarcastically mentioned that he finds TV very educational,  because the minute somebody it on in his house, he goes to his room and starts reading a good book. So it is time to save ourselves from this bad habit and Kill our TV.

By- Shoaib Ahmed

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