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Who you are a Winner or a Whiner?

Have you ever given thought to that, why few people succeed in life and others always struggle to survive? Why few people are lucky to achieve what they want to achieve and others just think, dream, wish and do not get what they want to.  What are those qualities that differentiate and separate between winners and Whiners, what is that quality that makes them so unique? No, then you must if you really want to do something in life because it’s all up to you who you want to become a winner or a whiner.

So, first of all, who is a Winner, according to Google Dictionary, “Winner is a person or thing that wins something?  And Whiner is a person who is an excessive and constant complainer and crier, an unhappy person.

We all know and understand that there is a distinct difference in mindset between people who succeed in life and those who struggle to breakthrough.
These mindsets are entrenched habits that have a significant impact. The good news is that they can be changed if you are willing to acknowledge and work on them.

Winners are not necessarily the most talented and certainly do not take the first place in all their endeavors, instead, they have cultivated and mastered the following component & qualities of human life:

1- Endurance.

Winners possess a unique ability to go longer than Whiners. In other words, Winner is always determined to turn his/her disappointments, despair, pain, and challenges into glory, regardless of its difficulties.

2- Diligence. 

Winners have the discipline of working harder and longer than their counterparts. Hard work never kills; rather it gives you a competitive edge in whatever you do.

3- Sacrifice. 

Winners have the unique characteristic of giving more of their time, energy, effort, and resources to a worthy cause than their counterparts. It is true that the greatest inventions in the world were invented by some tired and discouraged men who did not give up and kept on working.”

4- Purpose. 

Winners have the tendencies to endure longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else not because they are the most gifted, educated, skilled, or luckiest, but because they have found the meaning of their existence, and that is why they can endure, be diligent, and sacrifice more than necessary.

However, to further differentiate between Winners and Whiners, here are a few scenarios

1- How they deal with obstacles.

The first distinction between winners and whiners is how they each respond to the problems that happen in life. Winners look for a solution to the problem, utilizing their creative side and trying different options until they reach a resolution. Whiners always complain about the problem. They always look for shortcuts and wish that the problem would just disappear or go away and look enviously at someone who has moved on from the issue, thinking that they must be lucky.

2- How they impact and influence others.

Real winners understand this and are constantly on the look-out for opportunities to build others up and take people with them on the success journey. They believe that the spoils of success are best shared with others.

Whiners, however, have a flawed perspective on life that they can only win if others lose, even if they are supposed to be on the same team. As such, they are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring others down, discrediting and disrespecting people who look successful and acting to sabotage their efforts. This often happens out of insecurity and low self-esteem.

3- How they take action.

Once Albert Gray said, “Winners just simply form the habit of doing things that losers avoid and don’t want to do.”

When it comes to taking action, people with a winning mentality find a way to get things done, primarily through setting and writing ambitious goals and working diligently towards achieving them. They understand that attitude is important, but only to support consistent action that takes you closer to your target.
Whiners just sit around waiting for something to fall into their lap, complaining that life isn’t fair.
While winners are working and studying, whiners are sleeping or watching TV.

4- How they respond to failure.

Wilma Rudolph- A great American runner said, “Winning is great, sure, everyone wants to win but if you really want to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you don’t give up and can pick up after a failure or crushing defeat, you will certainly be a champion someday.”
On the other hand, whiners will look to blame others and make excuses for losses. They don’t learn from negative experiences and as such are doomed to repeat them.

So my friend, if you want to be a winner in life, makes sure that you:

  •  Focus on solutions, not problems,
  • Build others up, don’t tear them down,
  • Take action, don’t sit around,
  •  Take responsibility for losses, don’t make excuses.

Life’s too short my friend, try to be a Winner, not a Whiner!

by: Shoaib Ahmed

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