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Hi, this is Shoaib Ahmed I am a business graduate I have done my MBA and MS in marketing from a reputable University in Karachi.

Apart from this I have received many certifications from well known companies and institutions, Google AdWords, Google online marketing fundamentals, Block chain Essentials by IBM, Introduction to internet of things IoT, ITIL Foundation, Digital innovation for the next generation from IBA Karachi, Marketing in the digital Era by Barrett Hodgson University etc.

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The Compound Effect

Making small but smart choices is one of the best mantras to achieve the desired results in any aspect of our life whether its professional or persona. However, this mantra of making small but smart choices is a principle which is known as “Compound Effect”. The compound effect is a principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small and smart choices.

Inferiority Complex Among Students

What is a Student's Inferiority Complex? Recently I got the chance to research on this topic and was surprised to find the results, how our education system is affecting students' psyche. One of the main issue students are dealing with is self-doubt and inferiority...

COVID-19 Survival Manual (A Complete Guide)

Introduction to COVID-19: COVID-19 Survival Manual (A complete guidance) contains detailed information related to COVID-19 or in other words Coronavirus. Coronaviruses are basically a group of Viruses that affect mammals and birds. The word Corona is a Latin corona,...

Image of Excellence

Creating an image of Excellence is something we all dream of. Because everyone wants to be associated with the word Excellence. Successful people starve day in day out to lead the best lives possible. They will stop at nothing until they achieve their goals with the...

Dealing with Haters

Dealing with haters sometimes becomes really very difficult. Because no matter what we do—whether we leave our corporate job to run a business or stay in our corporate job full time, whether we continue our study or drop out from college or university, eat healthily...

Being Gritty

What is being Gritty? Why be a gritty person, What is Grit and why it's important? Grit is a personality trait mostly seen in people who demonstrate passion and perseverance toward their goals and targets despite facing and confronting significant obstacles and...

Are you a Winner or a Whiner

Who you are a Winner or a Whiner? Have you ever given thought to that, why few people succeed in life and others always struggle to survive? Why few people are lucky to achieve what they want to achieve and others just think, dream, wish and do not get what they want...

Life Skills

Being educated, intellectually skillful and creative work is only one part of the smart way of living a life. The other one and most important one is having "Life Skills/ Life management skills. Because being just smart and well educated doesn’t make you and correlate...

Laws of Mastery

The Laws of Mastery Mastery is the desire, a passion to get better and better at something, to excel that matters to you. But a bitter truth is that Mastery is very difficult to achieve, it is not something that you can achieve overnight, it takes months, years and...

How to Become a Strategic Thinker

                     Learn How to Become a Good Strategic Thinker and What is the required Skillset. Words such as strategy, strategic thinker, strategic thinking, and strategic leadership are all corporate jargon and have become buzzwords that managers normally use...



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